Someone has a crush.

It was bound to happen, I suppose.  He’s always been a favorite of the ladies with those curls and he’s always been a bit of a flirt to boot.  He’s just growing up so fast, lol.

There is a little girl in his pre-school class named R and for the last week or so she’s made it very clear that Monkey is her favorite.  She has been meeting us at the door and insisting on holding his hand (even over his objections.)  

Yesterday, Monkey was very tired and not having a good day.  During circle time he was very upset so the teacher stopped circle time to ask for ideas about how to make a friend feel better.  After taking some suggestions she asked for two volunteers to comfort Monkey.  R and another little girl, E, quickly volunteered.  The 3 of them moved to the quiet corner and sat together.  Monkey was upset, the two girls were soothing him when suddenly, his teacher reports, that he gave her this devilish grin that really cracked her up.  She said he looked as if he were in heaven, lol.

Today R met us at the door and was tickling Monkey.  Tickling is of course the way to his heart.  When she stopped he reached for her to put her hand back on his belly for more.  Then during circle time today he was seated  1 spot away from R and he kept reaching around his neighbor for his friend so the teacher stopped circle time again so R could give him his tickles and then they continued circle time.  I cannot wait to see the picture the teacher took, we’re told it’s really cute.

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