Day 5

“No plan of battle ever survives contact with the enemy.” Heinz Guderian

It’s day 5 and I think we’ve got it.  Starting a new routine, even one we plan for, doesn’t always go perfectly right from the start but I’m hopeful we’ve figured it out for this year.

He walked into class easily.  He’s still keeping a close eye on his teachers and he’s a little reluctant to run through his routine if one of them is standing too close or watching him.  We did use positive reinforcements ((M&M’s, naturally.)) to help him work through the routine and when he balked he was not rewarded ((Mommy ate his M&M when he refused to move his name (written on an apple) onto the check in board (a tree).  Mommy even got praised by Duhdee for it, lol.)) so hopefully he won’t do that again tomorrow ((Though, I certainly won’t say no to M&Ms if he does!)).

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