Fantastic dropoff this AM!

Monkey did so well, we’re so pleased!  He was able to get to within a foot of his classroom door before he sat down to protest.  Once Duhdee removed his jacket Monkey decided he didn’t need waterplay to start the day, he went straight to choices*!  We were in and out in less than 5 minutes.  We left Monkey looking at acorns under magnifying glasses.  He even told us “look” when he picked up the magnifying glass, lol.   Woot!

After the dropoff we stopped at Staples to finally pick up the calendar we’re going to use for Monkey this year.  It looks like this.  We’ll use the 30 day side and put up pictures of either home or school depending on where he’ll be that day.  We’ve never bothered with this sort of thing before but I think this will help his morning anxiety.  *fingers crossed*

*8-9:20 is free play in Monkey’s class.  There are 3-4 tables set up, each with a different activity.  This morning it was painting, bubbles, stringing beads or looking at acorns under a microscope.  Yesterday it was painting, gak or puzzles. The kids have to pick activities so we just call it “choices” since we never know what will be set up.

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