He’s simply not cooperating!

Monkey is being completely uncooperative these days, he’s giving me zero blog fodder. *Hrumph*

School is going well. He is doing his morning routine and transitioning to his teacher very well. I think, in maybe another week, we could step back a micro step and start the process of making him more independent. Maybe we’ll start with one less hug, lol.

This past weekend we intended to go apple picking but two things stopped us.

  1. Monkey decided that there were just tooooo many people there (it was a madhouse) and that staying in the parking lot would be the best course of action. We managed to get him out of the parking lot briefly but deemed it in everyone’s best interests that we return him there as quickly as possible.
  2. Duhdee, still can’t really walk that much. Apple picking in a large orchard was probably not a good idea in the first place, eh?

I ended up picking apples all by my lonesome…out of a bin in the farm store, lol.

We spent time with Duhdee’s parents on Sunday as well. We had a yummy dinner and Monkey ate a lot of food. After dinner, Grammy offered us homemade apple pie and I told her Monkey and I would share a piece since he doesn’t really like pie and no, thank you, he won’t eat icecream…only to have my entire serving stolen! AND he asked for and receieved two small scoops of icecream. Shows what I know.

That’s about it. Totally and utterly boring. 

Isn’t it so cool??

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