This should be interesting!

Today is (dun dun dun!) school picture day. This will be his 4th school picture day and he’s only managed to sit for one photo out of four attempts. The instructions this year were the same as always, “Here’s the check ((WAY TOO LARGE….really???? There is a new company this year. They offer “retouching” (oh la la) and the packages were ridiculous. Ridiculous! Given the fact that a large number of kids in this district are on free and reduced lunch, it is an urban area, I was really taken aback by the costs.)). Don’t torture him over it though.”

Last year he went first in his class which eliminated the waiting and his teacher stood with the photographer so Monkey would look in the general direction of the camera. It went well. The photographer will have a 30 second window for the perfect shot. I feel like I should have sent him in with a flask for the photographer as a thank you, lol.

Will we be greeted with a “He did great!” or a “Here’s your check back?” The suspense is killing me 😉

FYI, I totally cheesed him off this AM when I made him wear a collared shirt ((Never fear, it’s one he normally loves, I suspect he was just being difficult…shocker)).  He kept asking Duhdee “T-shirt?” as Duhdee was helping him get dressed and he *threw* the shirt at Duhdee when he finally realized I was not budging.  He’s so cute when he’s mad!

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  • October 7, 2010 at 8:28 am

    When you get a good shot, cherish it! Our best shot is when he was 2.5 yrs old. He’s nearly 10 and there’s been “awful” to “okay” to “a tiny bit cute” since then but none like that first preschool one. It’s even a tattoo on Dad’s shoulder ’cause he liked it so much! Hope it goes well for Monkey.


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