I wish I understood.

Monkey has never been thrilled to go to school even on his best days but he usually doesn’t put up a fuss.  He’d rather stay home and I cannot argue with him, I’d rather stay home too!  On his worst days…well, let’s not discuss those days again (*touch wood*) they’re in the past. 

The days that truly confuse me are the days like today.  He wasn’t excited about school but he wasn’t terribly upset.  He was just tearful and emotional.  Before we left the house he told me “elbow.”  He wanted me to kiss his elbow…not that he’d hurt it…he just needed a kiss from Umma (this is a common tactic.)  He seemed to recover but when we got to the school he was pouty and his bottom lip was quivering.  He didn’t melt down but he did try to delay going into the school a little bit.  By the time we left him, he was fine.

I really, really wish he could tell us what was wrong.   I really, really wish we could find a way for him to enjoy going to school.  🙁

2 thoughts on “I wish I understood.

  • February 25, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    He is probably having withdrawals of leaving the “safeness & security” that he has at home with his parents and also being basically able to do whatever he wants to do as opposed to a specific item or items at school. And, of course, he is fine by the time you eventually leave him at school because of his friends etc. That is what Grammy thinks anyhow??

    • February 27, 2010 at 11:34 am

      There is definitely some anxiety about leaving home, we get that every trip. The days that truly confuse me are those random days when he’s tearful…not anxious…for no apparent reason. I wish he could share what he’s feeling at that moment. The best he can do is ask for a kiss on his “ehbow!”


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