IEP fun.

We have an IEP meeting scheduled for tomorrow.  It is his yearly evaluation.  We should discuss his progress this year and set new goals for the next year.  Simple, straightforward.  So why, why, why am I going to potentially open not one but TWO cans o’worms?

1.  Therapeutic Listening.  His OT and the TL trained OT have said he’ll benefit but the school claims no money for equipment.  If we add it to his IEP the school will have to figure it out BUT I have no idea how the team leader will react…we don’t know her and we don’t have a clue how she runs these meetings.

2.  Voice Output Device.  He has assistive tech. written into his IEP and he’s been getting those services all year.  He does NOT yet have a voice output device however and we’re going to request one.  I don’t see how 1 hour a week is sufficient for him.  Granted he is getting more verbal but we know there is more in his head than he can express.  We want something he can use in school and at home.

They’ve balked at the few hundred involved in the TL…I can just imagine how they’ll react to the assistive tech request.

*Sigh*  Do we never learn?

3 thoughts on “IEP fun.

  • April 27, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    There are TONS of assistive tech devices that can be used all day — single buttons, wrist/belt buttons, devices with 20 sayings on each side, huge devices, devices the size of an iPhone….. Just be careful because assistive tech encompasses a lot of things (Boardmaker, pictures, special seating, ect), not just voice output devices, so be specific.

  • April 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Just mention a few and let someone else come up with the suggestions. Maybe they know of someone who will contribute one of these items or just maybe you will have to get it and have it at home and in school. See what kind of response you get when you bring the subject up. Good luck


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