The best IEP meeting ever.

We just had the best IEP meeting ever.  Of course, given our history with these things, that’s probably not saying very much, lol.

The biggest issue about the meeting was the time.  Duhdee told me 2:30, it was actually scheduled for 1:15.  At 12:50 he called to explain the mix-up which left me NO time to get there.  I ended up running out of my office, e-mailing co-workers from the elevator and grabbing the first cab I could find.  He didn’t want to drive me there, it wasn’t far enough for his tastes!  I’ve never heard of such a thing…it’s not like it was a $5 fare, it was a $34 cab ride to another city!  ANYWAY.

The meeting went very well.  It was the annual review and it unfolded just as it should.  We did ask about the Therapeutic Listening and we’re still going to push for that but we’re going to pay for the equipment.  He would otherwise be put on a waiting list for the equipment that the district already owns as we’d been told before…we don’t want to wait 🙂

We did not need to bring up the voice output device, the Assistive Tech specialist had already spoken to the ST and the teacher and had decided that he needs one.  She is currently borrowing the Vantage Lite from the company and is going to ask to keep it for a few weeks longer to try it with Monkey.  She doesn’t expect any issues so that’s the device we’re shooting for.  She said she wants to try to get our insurance company to pay for it.  Ahahahahahaha *cough*cough*snort*hahahahah.  *Ahem* We wished her the best of luck and told her we’d get her whatever she needs from his pediatrician, etc.  She acknowledged that the school will be responsible if the insurance company won’t pick up the tab but this way we would own the device and we could take it with us if we leave the district.  If the school buys it we would have to give it back.  So…we’ll try this route.

And that’s it…no controversy, no surprise issues.  He’s doing well, they all see it.  They’re impressed with the gains he’s made and see that he clearly can do better.  Several times they took pains to acknowledge the fact that cognitively he is doing really well.  They can see that there is so much inside him he can’t yet communicate clearly and that’s really all we’ve ever wanted.   We don’t want them to look at where he is and think that this is the best he can do…we want them to look at him, like we do, and see how much better he can do.

6 thoughts on “The best IEP meeting ever.

  • April 28, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Sooo glad the meeting went well. We have ours coming up next week. I totally agree with you that it’s important to see what’s inside them that they CAN do and WILL do with the right encouragement, tools, etc. We have such precious ones!!!!! Bet that meeting is a big load off you! Breathe and rest. Summer is around the corner.

  • April 29, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Glad everything went great. We were all supportive of your efforts and accomplishments. We knew you could do it. Have a great end of year. Just keep on top of things as I know you both always do — and Monkey will be the one to benefit from it all.

  • April 29, 2009 at 9:39 am

    I have such PTSD when it comes to these meetings now. While I was listening I kept waiting for the “but” moment, lol. I am so pleased with how it turned out. We are keeping Monkey in preschool for an extra year, he is eligible for Kindergarten but I think the extra prep. will do him good. All the boys in the class will be sticking together next year which is very exciting for us. He enjoys his friends very much and I think the continuity will do his social skills some good.

    Also, last year I had to request some academic readiness skills be added (colors, letters) but this year the teacher did so on her own. Just night and day from our other experiences!

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