If only T K was this easy.

We are not fans of Mondays here at Chez Monkey. I was in super-duper, extra slow-motion because I was up until 2 AMchatting with some WICKED awesome friends, two of whom seem to live in this place called C-A-N-A-D-A. Neat, eh? ((Don’t be jealous, they’re teaching me to speak Canadian.)) And, yes, even the morning after I can say it was sooooo worth it! I highly encourage other moms raising kids with FX to set up Skype dates with other moms. It is a great, FREE way to connect with other parents when you might be isolated either by distance or some other circumstance. You can even set up group chats.  It’s tons of fun. Do it!

Monkey was in super-duper, extra slow-motion because…that’s what he does when he doesn’t want to go to school. Which is daily so not really that big of a deal because we build time into our morning to accomdate that ((Please don’t tell him that or he’ll find some new way to derail the school plans!!!)) but on days when I’m running slow too, suddenly all that built in time disappears…and then some. I wish I knew how that happens because it sucks!

Anywho, we were both moving slower than molassess ((Much, much slower than molassess in January for sure.)) which ratchets up the stress in the household. Perfect for a Monday, eh ((SEE, I’m practically Canadian already!))?

When it came time for putting on shoes and jackets he was starting to get worked up. The faster we move the more upset he gets, sound familiar? I finally have everything ready. His hat and gloves packed because it’s 51 degrees here this morning but it will cool off later, his Vantage Lite, his BEE folder, his jackets…let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

Then he stopped moving. “Money, skart?”

“What? We have to get going bud, let’s go.”

“Monneeyyyy, SKART?”

“Uh?” (thinking WTF is a damn skart??)

“Money, skart? Wrap up?”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! “OK, Monkey, I’ll put your scarFFF on. Ready?”

And, he was. So, fine, it is 51 degrees out but check out them mad vocab skillz!

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