Just at the right time…

On Saturday, Duhdee and I attended a one day conference hosted by the Fragile X Society of Connecticut.  The presenters were…Tracy and Mouse!  The topic was “Hyperarousal, Sensory Integration and Motor Planning Issues:  Day to Day Strategies for Home, School and Beyond.”   It was the PERFECT conference at the PERFECT time.

We are sharing the materials and our notes with the team at the Wednesday meeting.  The conference reinforced what Duhdee and I have known all along.  Monkey is in the right type of classroom.  It might not be the exact right integrated classroom but he is in the right setting.  We are being beaten down by the team on this.  I even told Duhdee late last week, “Maybe they’re right…”  Of course, Duhdee has never waivered but I was loosing heart a bit.  The opposition from certain team members seemed insurmountable. 

They may still try to force us to put him in a substantially separate classroom but it’s going to mean going to arbitration because the conference has reinvigorated us.  We were right last year and we are right again this year the integrated setting is non-negotiable. 

If anyone would like a copy of the materials please e-mail me.  I’ll share some of the highlights in another post as soon as I can get myself organized!

3 thoughts on “Just at the right time…

  • September 22, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    It sounds like what I heard at the national conference, but I’ll take the handouts if they’re easy to pass along. I LOVE Tracy and Mouse.

  • September 22, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Talk about good timing! Just two minutes ago, I asked Matt if he wanted to keep going to the different classes or just stay in Kyle’s class (which he is in for one period). I get that same feeling—maybe they’re right. The funny thing is, they haven’t even suggested putting him in Kyle’s class full-time…yet. I just feel like it’s coming. Do you have a e-mail link on your page?


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