Merry Christmas!

It’s not secret that Monkey doesn’t exactly excel at morning transitions to school. We hardly ever have mornings when he holds onto me for dear life until we manage to pry him off and run like hell leave him in the loving arms of his teacher…but they’re are still iffy enough that when we have a good one it feels like Christmas.

It was Christmas here today, on a Monday no less!

Lately Monkey has been asking for “two monies?” on the way to school. We keep a fair amount of change in the car for parking meters and random panhandlers, so I started handing him two quarters. He’d say, “TWO of ’em!” and then ask for “two more monies?” This goes on for just about the entire ride. I make him count how many he has in between to slow him down otherwise we’d have no monies left! It’s been a win-win since he loves money (we’re working on “coins” he can say it but he prefers “monies” lol) and we love a happy Monkey. I even took some into the classroom one day last week and bribed him with it. “When you walk into the classroom, I have 3 more monies!” It worked.

This morning, I realized that we’re going to be broke before too long so I switched to dimes. I expected him to pass them back but it seems that if the coins are all the same, he doesn’t mind what denomination they are. Woot!

About half way to school, when Monkey asked for more monies I told him I would give him TWO MORE when he walked into the classroom. He asked two more times and both times I said, “You can have two more when you walk into the….” and he would fill in “classroom.”  Awesome.

When we got to school, we had to double-park again, which Monkey hates. Then Money did something really stupid, she walked in through a different gate. Monkey was having none of that nonsense and he guided Duhdee to the main gate we typically use. As I was walking to join them I was beating myself up a bit over the double-parking which I knew would bother him and then changing the entrance location. On a Monday. Stupid, stupid. I wasn’t terribly hopeful for the rest of the drop off but he totally rocked it!

He grabbed my hand as soon as I was within reach and he held onto it so tightly, I knew he was making sure I stayed on target ((Some day he may realize that this is an exercise in futility, Money is not a stay on target kind of girl. Anyway.)). Then we strolled on into his class! He took one small break at the trophy cabinet just outside the classroom door but as soon as I reminded him of the monies he walked in with a big smile on his face.

Yay Monkey!

I told Duhdee that a drop off like that is totally worth the $1.20 in dimes. We talked to the teacher last week about bringing in a bank of some sort so they can use it as a math lesson (and a savings lesson since he gets to keep the money, the teacher holds on to it during the day.)

I wish I could find a bank that gave receipts. He is his father’s son, he demands receipts everywhere we go…even at the yard sale I took him to a couple weeks ago, lol. He’d be in HEAVEN if he got one every morning, lol.


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  • September 19, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Love! (aside – what about a receipt book you can buy at staples? with mimeograph?? that is some FUN right there!)

  • September 19, 2011 at 9:40 am

    That or I was thinking maybe one of the calculators that prints totals…I should ask Miss. Colleen which she would prefer.


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