A little giggle.

I’m putting Monkey to bed, yes, I took a break midway to blog this…is that odd?

**Fine, here’s why…I got home from work, late. Monkey was crying about something, nothing he could explain or we could puzzle out. I waited until he had calmed down before telling him it was bedtime and his whole face melted, again. I can’t put him to bed sad. Can’t/Won’t potato/potahto. So, I am letting him play Angry Birds on my phone for 5 minutes in bed. So sue me. Or pat me on the back and tell me how awesome I am. I do have a preference but I’ll let you make up your own minds. *AHEM* **

Back to the giggle…I put his PJs on him, it’s a pair I bought him in July. The first set I brought home had a hole in the seam on the leg that we discovered at bedtime. He wanted to wear them anyway so I let him. Then the next day I returned them to the store. The second set had no holes anywhere…OK they had holes for his head and arms and legs but other than that…no wayward holes. Except, Monkey still remembers that there was a hole in the seam. No matter how many times I have put these PJs on him and he has discovered, “Hey, no hole!” he still checks. Every time.

Tonight he checked again, he did it with such force he nearly knocked his chin with his butt…I love how much of a contortionist he is with is loosey, goosey fragile x ligaments…and I *hangs head in shame* laughed. So…Monkey did it several more times trying to make me laugh. Then, mid-contort, he farted. Just a little pft. I swear I DID NOT LAUGH. I didn’t even grin, at ALL. At least not until he tried it one more time and this time added the fart sound effect vocally. Then I laughed…a lot. Which made him happily proclaim, PEE EWWW!

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