Morning drop offs continue…

heh.  I won’t lie, I sort of wish they wouldn’t.  Monkey is still having some trouble but it is getting better.  We have established a routine and we’re using Tracy and Mouse’s dialogue technique to help each morning on the way to school and it does seem to be working!

I told Duhdee yesterday that the morning ride to school is like Monkey’s very own children’s program.  We mostly talk to each other in goofy, excited voices (but not too excited) while he is absorbing it.  We practice deep breathing whenever he starts whining and he’s started taking deep breaths along with us to calm down.  We talk through the step by step transition.  This morning I broke down giggling because it’s really just…GOOFY.

Umma:  “When we get to school today we’re going to go THROUGH the door!  Dooooowwwn the ramp, Monkey can run if he wants!  Then Mommy is going to JUMP* and then we’ll count the lights!  One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SIX!  Then Daddy will help Monkey through the door if he needs help.  Then we’ll take off his jacket and we’ll play with the water!  And BUBBLES!”

Duhdee chimes in with comments during my schpeel.   THEN it’s Duhdee’s turn to see if he can remember what I said!  And he repeats it while I chime in.  Duhdee gets a high five for remembering all the steps!

I’m so glad no one can hear us, we sound INSANE 😉 But you can’t argue with sucess.  Next week we’re going to add the seventh and LAST light to our countdown…it will place Monkey only inches from the door which will be a huge step for him!

*There is a double door at the end of the ramp and I JUMP to touch the top of the entrance.  Monkey thinks it’s really funny.  So do the other parents and the staff *blush*  Must be love.

One thought on “Morning drop offs continue…

  • October 3, 2008 at 12:22 pm

    Too cute!! I love that you can let go of all the adult inhibitions and just have fun with it. We do it too. It used to be cool but now our teens aren’t so impressed. Oh well…we do it anyway…lol.

    I also tagged you if you are interested in playing. You can go here for the rules:


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