Simply amazed…

Eric relayed the following story to me when they picked me up after work.

Caleb’s teacher (who is awesomeness, dipped in awesomesauce…she came to hang out with Caleb Monday after school so we could go to volunteer training for the fragile X clinic!) has been working with him on not blurting out questions…also on his quiet voice (*snort* I’m not sure he has a quiet voice!) They’ve been working on him raising his hand and waiting to be called on before he answers or asks a question. Today, this happened at snack:

Caleb raises his hand, “A question, I have a question.”

After being called on, “I want some chips, please?”

After being told no on the chips, “Doritos? ‘Ritos?”

After being told no on the Doritos, “Frrruit Snacks?”

After being told no on the fruit snacks too he was offered a choice, which he answered in a disappointed tone, ‘Goldfish.”

So many things about this are amazing, the impulse control, the quiet voice, the polite requests and acceptance of the refusals…but NONE of those are as amazing to me as this.

Someone said no to C.A.L.E.B. CALEB!

I bow down to his teacher. That kid would have ended up with chips, ‘ritos, fruit snacks and, most likely, “10 dollahs?” to boot if he’d been asking me…

Want to see something else amazing?

A thank you note to us and an I’ll miss you note to Caleb from his teacher. And this is his gen ed teacher, not the one who came to hang out with him for a few extra hours in her spare time…yeah, he’s a pretty special kid.

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