So, you’ll never guess what I heard today!

Monkey said “Bear”  several times.  He’s been saying an approximation for some time, generally “Bee” or “Be-ah” but clear as a bell this morning we heard him saying “bear!”  We excitedly told the teaching assistant and she went over to speak to him.  He was, at that time, playing with blocks.  When she asked him if he was playing with blocks, he repeated “block” to her.  She then told us that yesterday, on their way to the park, she had told him not to drop the loop yet (the loop on the rope they hold when out walking off school grounds) and he replied “loop yet.”


One thought on “So, you’ll never guess what I heard today!

  • September 11, 2008 at 9:20 am

    Way to go, Monkey! It is exciting when they acquire new words and phrases.


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