On Monday Duhdee reported at dinner that Monkey’s teacher had needed to use a “very firm voice” with Monkey that day. Uh oh.

The “firm voice” is a big deal. It, the promise of a time out and, on very rare occasions, an actual time out are the only disciplinary measures we’ve ever needed with Monkey. They’ve only ever used the “firm voice” at school. Each time we get a report, it’s that rare.

Duhdee told me that Monkey had gotten a mouthful of water from the water fountain and then SPIT IT on the floor! Fortunately, Monkey was staring at his plate and didn’t catch my struggle not to laugh. WHY would I be tempted to laugh?

We watched this on Sunday…this scene in particular…twice.

All I wanted to know was, did he say “Tada!” too? ((Of course we did NOT laugh and we did talk very seriously about the fact that we do not spit water at school.))

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