This is getting really freaking old.

You KNOW there was another word I wanted to use in that title.

I’m so beyond frustrated with school now. I just don’t think the teacher gets it. We’ve been trying to power our way through the morning routine for over a month now and it’s not getting better. The kid is still in tears every damn morning. When I kiss him good-bye he’s grabbing onto me and holding on for dear life and I have to pull away. It breaks my heart and I just can’t do this forever…and it feels like it’s already been forever.

He has been doing this thing where he kicks his shoes off repeatedly in the morning and then freaking out because his shoes are off. Today he apparently continued to do this throughout the day. The teacher suggested changing to shoes that he can’t remove. Yeah. No. When he can’t get them off he freaks out even worse.

I really don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to realize that the shoes are not the issue. There is something else going on here and until they figure it out and fix it we’re all going to be going through hell on a daily basis.

Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s WORTH this amount of stress for him or for us. He’s only 3.

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