“Um, we have to tell you something.”

Those words make my hands sweat…to hear them from Caleb’s teacher…*gulp*

It turns out that the thing they had to tell us was that they took him to Dunkin Donuts yesterday for an afternoon break, his normally scheduled activity was cancelled for reasons unknown. If they had started the story this way I could have finished the story….

He jogged all the way to Dunkins, he yanked the door open and ran to the cashier. He then ordered 50 billion Coolattas with fwipped cweam.

The boy was wired. They convinced him to have a hot chocolate instead of a Coolatta and they bought a box of munchkins to share. He skipped back to school carrying the box. As soon as his hot chocolate was gone he began harassing them to “fill it? fill it up?”

Shockingly, after hot chocolate and donuts, he bounced off the walls all afternoon.

Thankfully, he got it out of his system before Eric arrived to pick him up. I’m guessing it might be a while before they do that “field trip” again, lol.


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