Woah, what happened here?

I swear I just updated you all yesterday, how is it Thursday? Better question, how is it the middle of damned FEBRUARY? Time is slipping away too fast for me. Gah!

First things first, I’ve decided to live. *Insert eyeroll* Duhdee is now deciding if he’s going to try the cold from hell on for size or not. I’m hoping for “not,” as is he. *fingers crossed* We have wayyyyy too much planned for the next two weeks for him to even attempt pulling off 3 days in bed.

Our new morning drop off procedure is working beautifully. Monkey’s teacher has been standing in The Waiting Place every morning and Monkey has continued to eye her suspiciously and then rush straight into his classroom. We say good-bye at the door and they encourage him to do his morning routine independently.

One really cool thing is that if Monkey misses a step, they are not reminding him. He is instead noticing what the other kids are doing and catching his missed steps independently. This is bodes very well for our next adventure which is looking increasingly like a mainstreamed first grade classroom with supports…exactly what we have been working for since Monkey transitioned to school at age 3.

We’re feeling cautiously optimistic that we’ll actually meet this goal with minimal resistance from the district. I never would have believed this back in those first days when we had to fight to just to get them to give him a chance to try an integrated setting. *fingers most definitely still crossed*

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