Just when I think he cannot get any cuter…

Monkey has been pulling out all the cuteness stops this past week. He’s seriously in danger of getting EATEN UP because he’s been so darned sweet.

He has now started varying his nightly greetings. He no longer immediately offers me “choc-o-late?” when I arrive home ((Perhaps that says something about how stressed I was there for a while, eh?)) but will now try new things most every day. What hasn’t changed is that he’s still running to the front door with something planned. Sometimes it’s a kiss, sometimes a hug, sometimes it’s a “Hi, Money…happy!” I just never know what to expect but it’s always good so I am excited to walk through the door each night to see what he has up his sleeve.

Each morning he coordinates our departure. I have to have my bag and my tea, his items vary. This morning he had Eggy, a little puzzle in a box like animal crackers come in, a Trader Joe’s gift card (that he was given by the cashier at TJs because he liked it so much) and plastic sheet in the shape of a heart he found somewhere. The card and heart were bound in an elastic he swiped from Duhdee’s desk. Some days it’s just Eggy and the puzzle, some days it’s Eggy and a slinky, some days it’s Eggy and my iPhone. What doesn’t change is every morning he says “Ready, Money?” and takes my hand with a big grin so we can walk down the stairs together to start our day.

Last night I asked him if we could read Elmer, which is one of our favorite books these days. We sat on my bed and just as I was about to read…the page…Monkey yelled out “Booo!” before I could, lol. He loves that book and we spent quite some time saying “Booo!” and then he added his own twist. On the next page the other elephants are all SO SURPRISED! and they’re all jumbled over the page with big eyes so Monkey added some commentary in the form of “Oww!” “Butt” and “Head,” it does look like the elephants fell over and landed in various ways so it totally makes sense. Not only did it make total sense but it was also HYSTERICAL according to my little man who could not contain his giggles.

And now today, Duhdee and Monkey took one of the dogs to the vet for a sick visit. This is what Duhdee reported:

Monkey stayed right with me and Copper the whole time. Walked right into the exam room with us and hung out playing Angry Birds on my phone! When the vet tech was ready to take Copper to the back for some blood work, Monkey got a little upset that someone was walking off with our dog and tried to follow. Thankfully we were able to hang out in the exam room waiting and he calmed down pretty quickly. As soon as Copper returned he ran to the door opened it for him and pat him on the head, saying “good boy!”


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