Yet another update on Monkey’s progress.

Monkey had 4 days of school last week.  The comments we received from the teacher were consistent throughout the week.  She said:

  • his speech is increased
  • he is more attentive
  • he is still as distractible
  • he is still impulsive

So…we achieved the two main goals we had in starting the stimulant but didn’t address the two main issues we thought were holding him back.  Weird, eh?  I’m not sure what to do with this info.

Other things that were in the note or were mentioned at pick up were that:

  • he sat at a table and did FIVE puzzles one after the other.  One, he hates puzzles and two, he hates sitting…so this is no small feat.  She commented that once he was done, he was done.  But, c’mon…FIVE puzzles?  I suspect that he did all the puzzles on the table (they usually have 4 or 5 out depending on the size of the table they’re using) and objected when they added new ones and who can blame him?  They were changing the rules mid-game!
  • he has started SINGING along with the other kids rather than just doing the hand gestures.  I should ask them to record this because, frankly, I am having trouble believing this one.
  • he hates going to the school nurse, even when he takes a friend.  Just wait until she starts trying to take his blood pressure and isn’t just giving him a spoonful of his very favorite yogurt.  We’ve warned them…it won’t be pretty.  I’m afraid we may see a repeat of the effects of the “Ill Advised Halloween Costume of Aught-Seven.”

And, from today, his OT noted SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED attention during his OT session!  Nice.

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