I had an AWESOME conversation last night with…

MONKEY! It was so cool!

After I got home last night Monkey ran out to the kitchen and pointed to the top of the fridge. We keep the junk food up there, lol. I asked him what he wanted and this conversation followed…

Monkey: “MMMMMMmmmm!”

Umma: “You want M&M’s?”

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We have a talker….

Well, he is trying his hardest. Last night we went for a walk and when we got home we decided to relax in the yard for a while. For the past week I’ve been trying to get Monkey to roll around on the ground but he hasn’t been that interested in it, even when I . . . → Read More: We have a talker….

Another roundup post.

Things are still super busy at work and I’m trying to make it a point to get a decent amount of sleep….there’s not much time for blogging right now so you get another long update post.

This past weekend was pretty relaxed.  It was rainy and cold so we pretty much just hung out.  On Saturday Monkey’s battery operated train finally kicked the bucket.  I can’t say I’m sorry it died either.  It was really loud and used up batteries at an alarming rate.  One battery would handle about 1.5 hours of play, we’d started rationing the batteries.  He got one battery per day, lol.

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Our first week as a 3 year old…

Hey all, not much to report really. We had a great party with our EI/BB people on Monday. Monkey actually opened some presents! It was nice to get a chance to thank them for everything they’ve done for us in the last two years. And they brought a huge birthday cookie. Yum!

Tuesday was a . . . → Read More: Our first week as a 3 year old…

The beginning of the end

Usually I let Umma write up most of the posts but I had to add this in. Today was the beginning of the end of the Early Intervention and Building Blocks 0-3 services. Today was our last appointment with our PT and it was fitting that her last appointment was a co-visit with B. B. . . . → Read More: The beginning of the end