Back to the beach.

Having grown up in a seaside town the beach was always just there.  You could smell the ocean in the breeze.  Life just seemed to naturally revolve around it.  When I was little I spent day after day with my siblings, our mom and friends in the sun, running up and down the beach, . . . → Read More: Back to the beach.

Stay-cation, now with more STAY!

Ugh, car repairs are expensive, stressful and put a serious crimp in vacation plans.  The only good news about this is that we’ve narrowed the repairs down to 1/4 of what the dealer told us had to be done (thank goodness for dads and BFFs who know cars and know when someone is trying . . . → Read More: Stay-cation, now with more STAY!

In happier news…

we planned  a trip with Cupcake and her mom today.  We all went to Davis’ Farmland which was a ton of fun.  Monkey was a huge fan of all the different goats.  The farm specializes in endangered and heritage farm animals so there were some very unique animals there.  Umma wanted to bring home . . . → Read More: In happier news…

Party = failure

We were invited to the 5th birthday party of one of Monkey’s former classmates yesterday.  Most of the kids at the party were former classmates.  Monkey’s teacher was there as well.  It all started promising.  Monkey was excited to see his friends and he ran around and played with them.  His teacher commented on . . . → Read More: Party = failure

Our first ever staycation.

I’ve taken the next week off from work so that Monkey, Duhdee and I can just *relax.*  Duhdee and I enjoyed out weekend to vegetate so much we decided it was a fine way to spend a week with Monkey.  We have plans to visit a local farm one day and I think we’ll . . . → Read More: Our first ever staycation.

How quickly things can change.

It’s a gorgeous morning in the metro Boston area, sunny, 65 degrees, perfect.  I had a wonderful commute in, pondered the potential/pending commercial real estate crisis and how it might affect my job.  I enjoyed the sunshine, people were smiling…I was smiling.

I bumped into a colleague in the hall, as she returned to her . . . → Read More: How quickly things can change.

I would like to point out an addition to my Blogroll.

It’s nice to have a dad join in on the blogging!


Fragile X 5K Road Race/Walk

Click the picture for more information.

True love’s first kiss?

Our neighbors have an adorable little girl, let’s call her Cupcake since she’s so dang sweet.  She is almost 14 months old and she is very fond of Monkey.  She watches him, she follows him and she steals his toys.  Monkey smiles at her, laughs when she tackles him and when she steals his toys, he . . . → Read More: True love’s first kiss?