The gift has landed…

and he loves it, just as we thought.  It arrived last night just before our dinner guests were due to arrive.  We decided to hold it back until this morning so we’d have time to wrap it for him. 

We had to pry it out of his hands when we left the house.  He . . . → Read More: The gift has landed…

An update on the missing toy…

Since Grammy asked below, it STILL has not arrived.  UPS says it will be delivered today…we shall see.

**Edited to Add**

I am done with Toys R Us.  That is it.  I finally called to complain, I was hoping to let a little time pass so I would not lose my temper.  FAIL.

First, . . . → Read More: An update on the missing toy…

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

We had a very nice weekend here. We were totally, utterly lazy on Saturday. I think the only person to leave the house all day was me when I walked the dogs. Otherwise we just lay like vegetables all day long. It was glorious!

On Sunday morning, we drove Monkey to his Grammy and . . . → Read More: I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Can you handle the cuteness?

This is my darling Monkey demonstrating his newest skill.

Merry Christmas!

I wish for peace and love for all of my Fragile X family today.  Here is hoping we all have a meltdown free holiday!

This is not the time for anger

but I can’t help it.  Toys R Us, sucks 🙁  We ordered a very special gift for our little guy and paid for overnight shipping and it NEVER showed up.  It was the first gift he EVER directly asked for and I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that it did not arrive.

. . . → Read More: This is not the time for anger

Special Delivery!

There was a very special letter in today’s mail.  Monkey received a letter from SANTA himself!  He was very excited and carried it around for quite some time.  It’s good to have friends in North Pole, Alaska 🙂

It’s goody day!

Every year we put together tins of goodies for friends and family and today is the big day.  We’ve got two pans of fudge cooling so we’ll take a break to have lunch and then take Monkey out in the snow to burn off some of the sugar he has consumed today.  This afternoon . . . → Read More: It’s goody day!