Another funeral, another trip home.

Another of my Papa’s siblings has passed.  Aunt Fannie had been sick for quite some time.  She’d lived a good long life and suffered in the end.  Her passing is, for her, a blessing but it leaves a large hole in the hearts and lives of many.  She was kind and loving and good…the . . . → Read More: Another funeral, another trip home.

He really gets into painting.

Fortunately, he also love to take showers.

“Pom” revealed.

See this post first, then see below the cut for the definition.

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I need to get a vocabulary list going again!

When Monkey was little I maintained a list of signs that he knew.  I would print the list off for people and show them his variations if applicable.  Now that Monkey is talking so much I have realized that I need to do the same thing with his spoken words.  Some of his words are . . . → Read More: I need to get a vocabulary list going again!

Mmmmmm….maple syrup.

Today is Maine Maple Syrup Sunday.  Lots of “sugar shacks” open their doors today and welcome people in to see the process and hopefully buy some syrup.  We went a few times when I was growing up and I’d always wanted to take Monkey as well.  The event has actually gotten to be so . . . → Read More: Mmmmmm….maple syrup.

I love me some Obama but

lord I’m just in tears this morning over that throw away comment he made about the Special Olympics last night.  It’s so freaking disheartening. 

I’m glad he apologized to the head of the Special Olympics, at least someone showed some sort of awareness, but good freaking grief on a stick.  He’s a highly intelligent . . . → Read More: I love me some Obama but

Now might not be the time.

I’ve been feeling like an ill-tempered mutated sea bass all week and today THE insurance company has called me twice to discuss their refusal of coverage and my need to appeal.  Now is probably the perfect time to call them back and cut loose but I just can’t seem to work up the energy.  Blurgh.

He gets marks for creativity.

Monkey’s favorite color (much to Duhdee’s dismay) has long been pink.  It was the first color he identified, it was the first color he named, it was the color he picked whenever it was an option.  When we set up our fishtank we added some mutant fish to the tank because they were pink . . . → Read More: He gets marks for creativity.

I See Me!

For Monkey’s first birthday we ordered him a copy of My Very Own Name using his first, middle and last names.  It’s been kept in the keepsake box for the last almost 4 years.  Since I decided this week to reinstate the “No TV After Dinner” rule in favor of reading, I have been . . . → Read More: I See Me!