For my friends and family…

May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam. May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures. May all life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours!

Happy New . . . → Read More: For my friends and family…

Back to work :-(

I made my post-Christmas return to the office this morning.  Other things got in the way yesterday. 

While I was home yesterday I played over 2 HOURS on the Wii Fit.  Oh my goodness is Monkey ever persistant.  “Again!”  “Pens! (penguins)” “Bird!” “Again!” “Again!” “Again!” “Again!” “Again!”  Until Umma nearly collapsed.  After watching us . . . → Read More: Back to work 🙁

I want to do it again!

I know most people are glad to see the crazy season end but I really wish we could do Christmas morning again!  Monkey had so much fun.  He loved opening his presents.  We heard several “Wow!”s.  He loves his toys, he even enjoyed opening the clothing.  Watching him have so much fun was totally . . . → Read More: I want to do it again!

A Christmas conversation.

I realized last night that, in all my eagerness to get Monkey excited about the pending visit from Santa Claus, I’ve left out the whole bit about good boys and girls getting presents from Santa.  I decided to drop that little bomb on Monkey last night.

Umma:  Is Santa going to bring you presents?

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What I’ve been hearing lately…

When Monkey responds positively to a question:  “Yeah.  Sure.”

When Monkey wants something:  “What.”  Umma responds:  “What?”  Monkey then tells or shows her what.

When Monkey wants to watch Toy Story or Toy Story: 2:  “Buzz? Ok!”

When Monkey wants someone to follow him:  “C’mere, c’mere” He bends over slightly and gently claps his . . . → Read More: What I’ve been hearing lately…

Resources, Links, Therapies & Supplements

I’ve started a list of resources, links, therapies & supplements that I’ve heard about from other members of the Fragile X community.  You can visit it here:

Resources, Links, Therapies & Supplements

There is a link to it over to the right as well.

Pssst, hey you!

You need party favors, I know you do!  Check out the site (there is a handy link over there on the right in the sidebar.)  All proceeds benefit Fragile X research and awareness!  There are some really cute things available!

An extra special Santa.

Earlier this year, when we were cleaning out the basement, Duhdee’s grandfather gave us permission to throw out a few things he had stored down there.  Before we discarded the boxes, however, we took a look and discovered some Christmas decorations that Duhdee’s grandmother had collected. 

Duhdee’s mom took the crystal . . . → Read More: An extra special Santa.

The great Christmas tree adventure of 2009.

If I were the type of wife to tell her husband “I told you so.” Saturday would have been the day. 

Every year we go cut our own Christmas tree.  We’ve done it on days when it was unseasonably warm, we’ve done it on days when there is fresh snow . . . → Read More: The great Christmas tree adventure of 2009.