Study Update – Week I don’t have a freaking clue.

Despite the best of intentions I have been plagued with the “Is he getting the placebo or the drug” question throughout the study. It’s so very hard to not stare intently at him each day trying to judge, is he whinier than usual? Is he more social? Is his language better? It’s enough to . . . → Read More: Study Update – Week I don’t have a freaking clue.

I forgot the very BEST highlight!

And really, it deserves it’s own blog so it’s all good.

During the meeting I was brought to tears by one of his teacher’s comments. I no longer even remember what lead up to this exactly but his teacher was commenting on how they keep pushing him and challenging to do more when she . . . → Read More: I forgot the very BEST highlight!

No one pass out, this is an actual update about CALEB!

Last Thursday we had an IEP meeting, another of the team progress meetings we’ve been having every 4-6 weeks for the last two school years. It’s taken me a bit to get this all together, what with our magical Elf guest and last minute Christmas preparations but may I present…

Our quarterly report.

First, . . . → Read More: No one pass out, this is an actual update about CALEB!

Day 32 – On his last night with us.

On his final night with us this Christmas, Sneaky decided to read Caleb and his pals a bedtime story.

We’re all going to miss him very much.

Day 31 – Christmas Tree Official

Just in case there was any doubt…Tucker is now Christmas Tree Official. He’s gonna stick 😉

Day 30 – For the birds.

This project has been getting shuffled from surface to surface for a long time now. Sneaky took care of the messy painting bit leaving the fun stuff for Caleb to do. I’m guessing C is going to want to use Daddy’s drill and not some silly screwdriver to finish this up though!

. . . → Read More: Day 30 – For the birds.

Day 29 – Sweet goodbyes.

One day, a couple weeks back, Sneaky elf went to school. Caleb was amazed and thrilled when Sneaky turned up in the hood of the classroom aid’s hoodie sweatshirt. It just so happened to be Caleb’s day to share at morning meeting. What a coincidence! Caleb’s classmates, who had been hearing lots of stories . . . → Read More: Day 29 – Sweet goodbyes.

Day 28 – Wheee!

Our “three snowstorms before Christmas” turned out to be a monsoon. No worries though, Sneaky has still found a way to get in some sledding!

Day 27 – At least it isn’t toilet paper!

I wanted to mummify the tree but I ran out of red & green crepe paper and I have retained just enough sanity to prevent me from running to Target at 10:30 PM to buy more. Just. I confess, it was a close call. . . . → Read More: Day 27 – At least it isn’t toilet paper!