Another Christmas has come and gone, we had a month of elf hijinks (Elf on the Shelf: 2013 Madness), a month of decorating, baking and shopping. It’s my most favorite month of the year.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I’ve maintained this love of Christmas. Christmas with a child with special needs . . . → Read More: Christmas

Family Leadership Series

Late last week, when Eric was at school picking up Caleb, the principal of the school happened to bump into him. She brought up a program that she thought he and I would be perfect for…but…either she couldn’t remember the name or Eric couldn’t. When Eric first brought it up, I thought we were . . . → Read More: Family Leadership Series

To the lady at Papa Razzi in Framingham last night…

Last night was our monthly FXMNO (Fragile X Moms’ Night Out) event. When we started these a few years ago there was just a small handful of us that would get together whenever we could coordinate schedules. We quickly realized that there was something so healing about sitting down over a glass of wine . . . → Read More: To the lady at Papa Razzi in Framingham last night…