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Things I wish I had known when Monkey was diagnosed.

Every once in a while I’ll skim through some of my older posts and find myself shaking my head over some of what I wrote. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking but it seems to me that there was an awful lot of hysteria and near hysteria back in those early days that I just don’t feel any more. It started me thinking, what do I know now that I wish I had known as a newly diagnosed parent?

  1. There is no magic therapy/medication/supplement that will fix this and he will only be little once. Don’t lose those moments to fruitless searches.
  2. This is not my fault. Yes, they are my genes but I DID NOT KNOW and I deserve a little slack.
  3. There are going to be stupid people who say stupid things, who do stupid things, don’t let them ruin your day.
  4. There are going to be mean people who say mean things, who do mean things, don’t take it. Stand up for yourself, for your child.
  5. If it is working, you are doing it right. Forget the book, forget what your neighbor’s sister’s cousin thinks…you are doing it right.
  6. A day, a week, a month…it’s not a long time. It will be over in a heartbeat.
  7. You will be OK too, someday.1

I know there are a ton more. Are there things that you know now that you wish you had known then?

  1. I had to edit to add this because it is really true. You have to learn all of this in your own time but keep it in mind when you are feeling helpless or hopeless. []