Umma is such a dunce.

As soon as I posted about the great drop off this morning I went straight back to work. At 6 I got a phone call from daycare wondering when someone was going to be picking Monkey up. Crap! I totally forgot!

No harm done, he was hanging out with two of the providers having a BLAST. He’s in the best mood and had a great day I guess. I still feel like a dope for forgetting him. *sigh*

Monkey is at daycare today

and he could not care less apparently! We drove him in so Duhdee could get a workday at home. When we arrived at daycare he walked right in. The place was very lively this morning with lots of big and little kids. He went to the little kids side, sat down, took off his shoes and asked for his blanket. Then he took off to play. I stood around while Duhdee completed a form thinking he’d at least look for me but no. He kept playing. We each kissed him and told him good-bye then we left. He just kept on playing.

He’s going to do just FINE at school!

He’s communicating like crazy!

Last night we had dinner out.  Monkey filled up on bread while we were waiting for our dinners so he only ate a little bit before he announced he was all done.  Since Duhdee and I had just started eating I told him he had to stay sitting and wait.  First, he tried this sentence “All done, wash hands, wash hair*.” When that sentence was met with “Not yet, we’re still eating.  You have to sit and wait.” He signed “Home.  Walk.  Trains.”  LOL  that is our after dinner routine.  We take the dogs for a walk and hopefully catch a glimpse of a commuter train as it goes through Belmont.We’ll have to try to get a picture of Monkey’s latest chore.  He’s been assigned the task of walking Copper on the nightly walk.  Since Copper is not great on a leash and more than a little unpredictable in his reactions to other animals we meet, I hold a second lead and keep him under control.  Monkey thinks it’s just awesome though and demands his leash as soon as his feet hit the sidewalk each night.

*I have no idea why he wanted to wash his hair, he’s been asking for that after meals for a few days now. 

He’s doing fantastic with his new bed!

We are so pleased with how well Monkey has handled the transition. The second night in his new bed Umma had to employ a Super Nanny technique. After I put him down he proceeded to get up and come out of his room 5 or 6 times. The first time I told him it was bedtime and took him straight back to bed. The rest of the times I didn’t speak at all, I just took him straight back to bed. Within 10 minutes he got it and even though he was still awake he stayed in his bed until he fell asleep! The last two nights have been more like the first night. He’s going to bed and staying there willingly until he falls asleep.

Last night I had a work dinner and when I got home I walked the dogs. Apparently we were too noisy because Duhdee heard Monkey in his room. He was waiting for him to come out but he never did. After I got back and was ready for bed I went in to check on him and found him on the floor next to his bed with his sippy cup of water.   I put him back in bed (cup and all) and he barely reacted.

He made it until 5 AM!

He wandered in our bedroom dragging his blanky around 5 and signed for us to get up.  I don’t think so little man!  I tried getting him back to bed…it lasted for a few minutes and then Duhdee took over.  Duhdee managed to get him back to sleep twice by 6 AM and then gave up.  After being up for a little while and dumping toys everywhere Monkey went back to his room and leaned against the bed.  Duhdee put him back in and he was still asleep when I left at 8:30.  With consistency maybe this won’t be so hard?