A poem.

As much as I love reading, I’ve always been pretty *meh* when it comes to poetry. There are a few I love but mostly…well…I’ve really only read poetry when it has been assigned for school…well except for that “Welcome to Holland” poem which was assigned by my genes. (Srsly, it’s required reading for “Welcome to Special Needs Parenting 101” I hated that class.)

One of Caleb’s classmates has changed my opinion of poetry forever…he wrote an ode, which was shared with me yesterday.


Oh Caleb, I feel gratitude for your friendship.
Oh Caleb, I like to play beanbags with you.
Oh Caleb, I like to make you laugh.
Caleb, when you are happy, I am happy.
Feesh!! Feeesh!!

I will never again doubt the power of poetry, this poem brings me to joyous tears every time I read it.

The young man who wrote it isn’t one of the kids who Caleb was drawn to immediately. This is a friendship that has developed slowly, day by day, but you cannot deny that it is friendship in it’s purest sense. It is a friendship based on this young boy’s generosity of spirit.

When I wrote the post “For the parents of typical kids” this is precisely what I meant when I talked about what typical children gain from being in class with children like my son

“They will learn to be a true friend to someone. They will have a chance to learn that different isn’t bad, that different can be pretty freaking fun, actually…In short, they will learn to be awesome.”

I’m not sure that “awesome” is a big enough word to describe this…I’m not sure there is a word big enough to describe it at all, in fact.



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