Day 19 – A test.

Caleb is not a fan of puzzles. He has done a very few willingly, mostly he leaves the room telling anyone within earshot, “No.” very firmly. So, fine, it’s not his thing. Do you think that ever stops me from trying to convince him it’s his thing? No? I guess you do know me!

Last night I thought we’d test the power of Sneaky. Sneaky (mostly) set up a puzzle, a THOMAS puzzle. I thought the power of Sneaky + the power of Thomas might result in a complete puzzle. I even stacked the deck further by suggesting to Sneaky that he only leave the faces out but complete the rest. See! We were even using the fragile X need for closure to our advantage too. It couldn’t fail.

So at bedtime, this is what was left for Caleb to find…

Can’t miss, right?

Yeah. My sneaky child woke up sometime last night and left this response.

*sigh* We left Sneak yet another vitamin to help keep his strength up.

Anyone need a wooden Thomas puzzle that was used 3/4’s of one time?

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