So you want to be on the local news?

Here, let me tell you how…

  1. Have the world’s most perfect, adorable baby.
  2. Find out that the world’s most perfect, adorable baby has fragile X syndrome.
  3. Fall into a years long depression, battle incessantly with anxiety…bonus points for adding a BIG HEAPING DOSE of guilt to that load.
  4. Meet some amazing, inspirational people…decide to be more like them, if you can.
  5. Find a drug that doesn’t cure your child but does make his life (and yours) a hell of a lot easier.
  6. Celebrate the joy of being a little more normal for FOUR LONG MONTHS! Dare to dream of things you long gave up on.
  7. Lose it all, in the blink of an eye.

Easy, peasy…except for the near constant stress of steps 1-5 and 7…it’s terrific fun! Sure, there’s weight gain (yay, stress eating), headaches, mental & emotional exhaustion, nightmares and a revisiting of that bastard depression but it’s all worth it for a nearly 2 1/2 minutes of video footage on the local news, right?

I wish I had stopped at step 6, in fact, I’d do anything to go back to step 6. That’s not going to happen for us. We have lost what we had and at this time there is no way to get it back. We’ve tried everything we know…we’ve begged, we’ve lobbied, we’ve shared our stories far and wide. And still…there is no going back.

Or…you can try this instead:

1. Buy a roomba.
2. Dress a cat like a shark.

(this story followed ours on the newscast)

That sounds way more fun, eh? I’d try that 2nd option first if you get a choice.

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