Team Fragile X – A Challenge

It is the time of year for counting our blessings, for taking a look at our lives and giving thanks for all of the amazing things we have in this life both big and small. I’ve been looking hard at my everyday life for the awesomeness I might overlook on a day to day basis and I am loving what I see. A good number of my Facebook friends have been doing the same thing and I’ve enjoyed seeing what they have to share. It occurred to me that one of the things I am most thankful for…are all the people who have come into my life in the last two years.

Two years ago, Eric and I attended our first International Fragile X Conference. We went not expecting to get anything from it and we came back completely transformed. We met the most amazing, motivated, passionate, loving people…people who made us want to be more like them. And with the support of the National Fragile X Foundation, we’re getting there.

The foundation is just kicking off their Annual Fund fundraising project, this is the primary source of funds for all of the foundation’s activities, and it just happens to correspond with both Giving Tuesday (you can read about that here.) and the Firefox challenge on Crowdrise.

 The Challenge begins at 8:00:00 AM Eastern on November 19, 2012, and ends at 11:59:59 PM Eastern on January 10, 2013.

The three (3) fundraisers that raise the greatest, next greatest and third greatest amounts of money on a CrowdRise fundraising page for their benefiting charity during the Challenge Period, and are in compliance with these Terms and Conditions and the CrowdRise T&C, will earn the Challenge Grants.

The First Place Challenge Grant is $50,000, the Second Place Challenge Grant is $30,000 and the Third Place Challenge Grant is $20,000.

There is no way I could win that challenge on my own…but I think we as a community can. After talking with the foundation, I set up Team Fragile X on Crowdrise and now I’m asking YOU to join that team. You can set up your own page and push it out to your friends and families and take an active roll in giving back.

Detailed instructions on how to join Team Fragile X: Team Fragile X

Or if you just want to donate, go right to the Team Fragile X page: Team Fragile X Crowdrise/Firefox Challenge Page.

Let’s go team!

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