The bags are packed!

This weekend Caleb and the dogs are going to Maine to spend time with my mom, dad and sister. It does not matter how stressed I may be or how exhausted I may be or even how excited I may be about getting a break…I still hate it. I said good-bye to my little Monkey this morning at school drop off and I won’t see him until Sunday afternoon when we pick him up. Already I miss him like crazy and I’m still 2 1/2 hours from the normal pick up time. I am just such a sucker for my little man, I can’t get enough even when I’ve had it right up to here. Strange how that works.

Later, Eric will pick me up and we’ll truck on down to Connecticut, with our friend Christy, for tomorrow’s fragile X conference. We’ll have one night to luxuriate in the cush king-sized bed with all the ridiculously comfy down pillows and comforter. *ahhh* AND we get to sleep in! Right? That’s the whole point of driving down the night before. Woohoo!!

Except…we’ll also be at the LINKS table and we need to set up the merchandise so it looks like we won’t even make it to six-firty tomorrow morning. *sigh*

If you’re coming to the conference, please take pity on me and stop to say hi! Also, bring your credit cards because we’re going to have all the awesome shirts, magnets, stickers, water bottles, travel mugs and hats that we sold in Miami with us!! I will feel WAY better about a five-firty wake up if I could sell a ton of stuff to fund the NFXF LINKS Program! We will ALSO be bringing some shirts we didn’t have in Miami…we’ll have some new gorgeous pink ladies cut shirts…even PINKER than the Miami version. They’re awesome…and we won’t have a lot.

See you there!

If not there, we are still going to be setting up the online store…we’re just working out a few little bugs!

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