The Wilderness Edition, Day 1

Wilderness if you consider a 4 bedroom house “wilderness,” I guess.  But there are moose!  And dirt roads!  But also hot showers.  And DishTV.  So.   It’s wilderness, with style.  I like it, a lot.

We spent 4 hours today packing, 5 hours driving and about 2 hours unpacking.  That’s kind of a lot for a day but it went great!  Monkey was happy as a clam, once we got him into the truck with his DVD player.  All morning long he followed us around asking, “Ready?”  I’d much rather listen to that than to 5 hours of “Are we there yet?” though.

Other than a few panicky moments when I thought we’d possibly left “Science” at home it’s been nothing but peace and relaxation.  There was no traffic to speak of and our cell phone coverage died off about 4 hours into the trip.  We were both pretty excited about that.  It’s nice to be somewhere that technology can’t intrude.  It can only be invited in.  Like when you need, yes need, an ice cream cone or, in my case, a blueberry graham “Flurry” and so you drive into town with your BlackBerry in tow just so you can read the panicked e-mails between co-workers for giggles.  Not that I take any sort of enjoyment in the suffering of those who make me suffer 48 weeks out of the year…

Or, like, when you drag out your shiny, beloved, pink laptop to let the boy watch “Penguins of Madagascar” before bed (yay for a 500 ((I actually had written 5 gig hard drive.  It’s a good thing my husband knows about this cwap.  Left to my own devices I’d just embarrass myself.)) gig hard drive!) or to indulge in some off-line blogging.  I actually grabbed a notebook and a pen for the task but then my dearest husband reminded me of cut/paste and stolen WIFI ((My husband just informed me that he can use his phone to provide me with WIFI without driving all around town searching for a signal to steal!  Yay for geeky husbands!)) (yay for people who neglect their wireless internet security!) and I ran straight back up the stairs like a junky needing a fix.

Nope, I’m not going to miss the internets at all out here in the wilderness.  Nope, not one little bit.  Man, I think I need an ice cream…

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