What I really wanted to talk about.

I felt compelled to update on the IEP progress, I felt badly for leaving it hanging. We have family and friends who read here and rely on it to get all the details of our painstakingly slow progress but my heart isn’t in it right now…my heart is with a little girl (Fine she’s nearly…17? That can’t be right! Regardless, she’s still a little girl to me!) who is laying in a hospital bed back home.

My niece was in a terrible, terrible car accident last Friday night. A car accident that could have and, if the State Trooper was right, perhaps should have…I can’t go there. It didn’t. She and her friend got themselves out of the car and climbed up an embankment to wait for help. She has a lot of healing to do but she is healing.

We took a drive to see her on Sunday, once we knew she was in a regular room and not special care. I had been so tense and upset, though I didn’t recognize how much until she opened her eyes and saw me. I have no words for the flood of emotions I felt at that moment, I told a friend yesterday that if this the only miracle I ever see in my life…it’s enough.

P.S. –  If you could spare some positive healing thoughts/prayers for her damaged liver, they would certainly be appreciated…she has a rather important exam today and she deserves some good news.

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