How has Fragile X Syndrome improved my life?

As I was sitting here reading through my past FX Memories posts looking for inspiration, it struck me that my posts, though not entirely negative in tone, are memories of how Fragile X Syndrome has impacted our lives negatively in the last 2 years. That does not match with my feeling that our lives . . . → Read More: How has Fragile X Syndrome improved my life?

Potty training appointment!

Our first stop on this fine* Monday morning was an evaluation with the potty training specialists at Children’s Hospital. 

Monkey has a huge fan club at Children’s Hospital, apparently.  The NP that we met with today had already heard about how AWESOME he is from the receptionist, lol.  It’s really nice to feel so . . . → Read More: Potty training appointment!

Homeschooling kids with FX?

Duhdee and I are considering a major life change.  In one of my long winded posts below I discussed the changes that we’re making in our lives and mentioned that one of our long term goals (for when Monkey is grown) is to run a farm/B&B.  We’re now re-thinking this.  We’re trying to decide . . . → Read More: Homeschooling kids with FX?

Managing Expectations.

One of the most difficult aspects of Fragile X for Duhdee and I is managing our expectations when we are planning activities with Monkey. It may be that we’re excessively childish, as I sit here I’m listening to Duhdee scold one of our fish for disturbing a plant in the tank so that . . . → Read More: Managing Expectations.

He’s a sweetie wrapped in sweetness dipped in…

sweet sauce.

Seriously, I just have the best kid ever*.  This week is school vacation week and he is at his happiest and most relaxed.  Sure there is the whining each night when I get home but that’s only because he has spent the whole day missing me and he’s, you know, hungry.

He . . . → Read More: He’s a sweetie wrapped in sweetness dipped in…

Weekend Roundup

We had a very nice, low-key weekend. Monkey is still under the weather but fortunately he’s just struggling with a runny nose and annoying cough rather than that nasty croupy cough.

We took nice long walks around the local reservoir both Saturday and Sunday. We really enjoy having this great place to go! There . . . → Read More: Weekend Roundup


I’ve set aside the Border Trilogy for The Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s a very popular book in this city and I suspect I’m only going to have it for two weeks before someone else lays claim to it! I’m sure I’m on the end of the train here but have you folks read this book? Did it blow your minds? Did it make you angry?

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Another distant memory…

This was written in 2006, about 3 weeks post diagnosis.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Confucius

Though, sometimes, it begins with a phone call.

Last week we received a call that freed us from weeks of worries but the call was premature. The receptionist at the . . . → Read More: Another distant memory…

Croup! Oh, joy.

Here is the short version, when I’m not so sleepy I’ll tell the whole story.

Last night Monkey woke up with a barky cough and was struggling to breathe. We tried steam and it didn’t work at all so we called his pediatrician’s office. She advised us to try cold air. If that . . . → Read More: Croup! Oh, joy.