D’oh, Monkey gets a shiner!

Dang, such a good morning and now this, lol.  Monkey was on the playground playing chase with another student.  He was running and looking back at the boy chasing him and he hit a pole.  Oww!  He didn’t even react, the aid didn’t notice anything was wrong until he ran by her.  She thought . . . → Read More: D’oh, Monkey gets a shiner!

We have a classroom *happy dance*

What a relief!  We saw the final of the three classrooms the school wanted us to consider this AM and it is perfect.

It is an integrated classroom but with a lower student-teacher ratio.  This class will never have more than 11 students (5 IEPs, 6 typical) where his other classroom can have up to 15 . . . → Read More: We have a classroom *happy dance*

We toured some classrooms today!

We toured two classrooms and peeked into a third.  Both classrooms were substantially separate classrooms.  We saw one of them last year and rejected it and the other was set up exactly like the second classroom we rejected last year!  So that was productive.  The third classroom was an integrated classroom which we just peeked . . . → Read More: We toured some classrooms today!

What am I missing?

You’ll have to forgive me for obsessing over the IEP situation.  This is only our second IEP so I still don’t know what normal is but our advocate assures us that this is a very surreal situation and she’s written hundreds so I believe her, lol.

When we wrote our first IEP the team . . . → Read More: What am I missing?

Would you believe me if I said we’re not done?

Seriously.  We are going to tour two substantially separate classrooms on Monday at the school’s insistance.  This is, as they see it, the next necessary step in the discussion.

Oh, I so wish I could share some of the gems from today’s meeting.  Some were insulting (to their own staff even) and others were . . . → Read More: Would you believe me if I said we’re not done?

Today is the last IEP meeting.

Part 3 of 3.  We need to discuss the information from the Fragile X conference, check in on the team’s progress in putting together a sensory diet, behavior plan, speech plan (formalizing what forms of communication are used for the entire class and at what times they’re used) and communication plan (really a data . . . → Read More: Today is the last IEP meeting.

Will 2009 be the year?

We all know this is happening…but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves, right?  Especially when we’re struggling?  And awareness is good…

Drugs Hint at Potential Reversal of Autism

The Fragile X Conference

So, it occured to me that it was going to take me a long time to get all my notes together and that the end result would be a very long post.  I’ve therefore decided to share some of the tips, resources and information in a series of smaller posts.

Today is Resource No. . . . → Read More: The Fragile X Conference

Just at the right time…

On Saturday, Duhdee and I attended a one day conference hosted by the Fragile X Society of Connecticut.  The presenters were…Tracy and Mouse!  The topic was “Hyperarousal, Sensory Integration and Motor Planning Issues:  Day to Day Strategies for Home, School and Beyond.”   It was the PERFECT conference at the PERFECT time.

We are sharing . . . → Read More: Just at the right time…