Keep away?

I wonder where he learned this game.  Monkey totally took me by surprise earlier today by holding the remote control for our television in my direction and then snatching it away and laughing at me when I tried to take it.  He then proceeded to offer it and snatch it away, laughing hysterically each . . . → Read More: Keep away?


Amazing is currently the most overused word in our house.  We’ve used it about Monkey’s behavior at family gatherings, his newly emerging participation at school and his always creative communication strategies.  He really just seems to be on a roll these days.

Monkey had yet another amazing day yesterday.  The three of us stayed . . . → Read More: Amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m sure most of you are gearing up for your celebrations.  We are 1/3 through our Thanksgiving holidays already!  Last Saturday, my mother hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  Monkey had a great time and was very relaxed despite the crowd.  He has come to expect crowds when we visit my parents and so it doesn’t seem . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!

I started this post last week but couldn’t seem to finish it.

My great-aunt Iva passed away two weeks ago after a long illness.  She would have been 91 next month.  She was born into a large, farming family in 1917.  She not only graduated from highschool, which was very unusual for girls kids from poor Maine farm families in those days, but she even went on . . . → Read More: I started this post last week but couldn’t seem to finish it.

Our first research study!

We received an e-mail about a study being planned at the Waisman Center in Wisconsin.  This is the first study that I’ve seen that Monkey fit the age range for and we decided to inquire.  We’ve been accepted into the study so we’ll be making the trip sometime next spring.  In case anyone else . . . → Read More: Our first research study!

Still here…just sick.

Migraines, stomach viruses and migraines again have laid us all out over the week or so, very bad string of luck we’re having here!   Monkey missed 2 days of school this week due to illness and 1 due to an early release day.  He is not the least bit upset by that!

He’s been . . . → Read More: Still here…just sick.

He did it, he did it, he did it!

We have p**p in the potty.  I am SO excited!  I should probably be embarassed by how excited this makes me, actually.

The school seems to have created a potty monster but I’m not going to worry about that.  They are using PECs and Monkey has learned that if he grabs the “bathroom” picture and . . . → Read More: He did it, he did it, he did it!

When will this stop surprising me?

Jennifer mentioned in a comment that she told her son Kyle that he was not going to wear pullups at night anymore and he responded by staying dry after that.  I tried a bit of this last weekend with Monkey.  I put boxers on him and told him he needed to tell us if . . . → Read More: When will this stop surprising me?

Things are quite quiet.

Today is the first day I’ve felt “right” in a while.  I was down and out with a migraine most of Saturday and Sunday, yesterday I was well enough to work but I was still exhausted from the weekend of pain.  Today, my husband said I have a “glow” so that must mean I’m . . . → Read More: Things are quite quiet.