Life is all about decisions.

The oral surgeon told me to avoid dairy while taking vicodin.  I stopped taking the vicodin so I could have ice cream.   Yes, my mouth hurts but my tummy?  It is happy.

Woah, baby, time flies!

It’s been 6 weeks since I whined about breaking my wisdom tooth and I’m JUST going to get them out tomorrow.  I sure do know how to stall 😉  The plan has been slightly modified, only 3 of the 4 are coming out, much to the oral surgeon’s disappointment.  I know I’ll be miserable . . . → Read More: Woah, baby, time flies!

The little things.

One thing, of many, that I love about my son is how easy he is to please.

Is he bored with his toys?  Get a large cardboard box.  He will play in and with it until it is no longer identifiably a box but appears to be just a piece of ratty cardboard.

If . . . → Read More: The little things.

Coping skills.

Monkey has developed a coping skill which I find rather amusing.  I may have mentioned it before in regards to Great Grampy but his is expanding on his repetoire.

When Great Grampy addresses Monkey, or makes eye contact, Monkey will immediately point to the sky.  He used to then sign “airplane” but he can . . . → Read More: Coping skills.

What is this?

Monkey has passed some sort of developmental milestone(s) recently but I’m not sure I can put the changes into words to explain why I’m just so excited and amazed by him these days.

First, there is the language.  He is repeating just about everything we say these days.  Duhdee called him a “punk” for . . . → Read More: What is this?

A poop dialogue.

The scene:  A lovely Memorial Day morning, Umma and Duhdee are sitting at the dining room table planning the week’s menu.  Monkey walks by pulling down his pants.

Umma:  Do you need help buddy? (Gets up to help Monkey sit down on the toilet.)

Monkey:  Dee!

U:  Duhdee, Monkey wants you.

Duhdee:  Do you . . . → Read More: A poop dialogue.

A Monkey thwarted is not pretty.

We have a new development at school.  It appears that Monkey is not a fan of taking turns.  The teachers have spoiled him rotten and now they are paying the consequences.

What has happened is that, when Monkey began his language explosion back in December, the staff in the classroom bent over backwards to . . . → Read More: A Monkey thwarted is not pretty.

Swine Flu

Our school district has had confirmed cases of swine flu for the last week.  Monkey’s school now has confirmed cases of swine flu.  Today, Monkey had diarrhea so the nurse wants him to stay home from school tomorrow.  I do sort of wish he’d had it at home, though I know for a fact . . . → Read More: Swine Flu

Today is a very special day.

Twenty-nine years ago my best friend, and the love of my life, was born.  People are often startled when they hear how young he is given how maturely and responsibly he behaves.  He has more inner strength and character than anyone I’ve ever met and I am so blessed to be his wife.

Happy . . . → Read More: Today is a very special day.