Air cushion.

We’ve borrowed  one of these:

from Monkey’s classroom to see if it helps us with the overstuffing issue.  It mimics an exercise ball but it’s much more compact.  He absolutely loves it and carries it with him everywhere.  I don’t know yet if it will do anything to help with the . . . → Read More: Air cushion.

I wish I understood.

Monkey has never been thrilled to go to school even on his best days but he usually doesn’t put up a fuss.  He’d rather stay home and I cannot argue with him, I’d rather stay home too!  On his worst days…well, let’s not discuss those days again (*touch wood*) they’re in the past. 

The . . . → Read More: I wish I understood.

Overstuffing (cont.)

I just found this article by Tracy & Mouse.  It will be going to the OT.

Stop the Stuffing by Mouse & Tracy


We have been struggling with this since Monkey began feeding himself.  He’s now almost 6 and it is still a daily battle. At school, he often eats lunch in the company of his OT who has been trying to address this.  At home, he eats under our supervision every night. 

We have to remind him . . . → Read More: Overstuffing.

His new favorite word.

All Grampy, all the time.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Monkey’s great Grampy lives downstairs.  He has lived downstairs all of Monkey’s life.  Every day of his life he has had access to Grampy and, for some strange reason we could never figure out, he was afraid of him.  Not screaming-crying-running away afraid but he would hide behind . . . → Read More: All Grampy, all the time.

Another first!!!

This morning, for the very first time, I heard Monkey make up a rhyme completely out of the blue!  This is a very exciting step for him on his journey to literacy.  My desire for him to read and enjoy books is so strong.  The fear that he won’t ever be able to is . . . → Read More: Another first!!!

Generalizing skills at their finest.

A couple days ago Monkey walked in on me while I was changing.  We are working on the whole concept of knocking on a door and waiting for permission to enter but so far we’ve only gotten as far as knocking on the door…mostly before he opens it but sometimes it’s still done while . . . → Read More: Generalizing skills at their finest.

“A, R, D, A, A, T”

Oh my goodness.  Monkey has suddenly become obsessed with letters!  He marches around the house spouting off various letters.  He identifies letters he sees around the house.  One of his favorite activities is telling us who each letter represents, example…A = “Audrey, Annie!”,  R=”Ryan!”, etc.  It’s crazy cool. 

Last night, Duhdee and Monkey sat . . . → Read More: “A, R, D, A, A, T”