Once upon a time, I had these ideas.

When I was pregnant I had two major fears…autism and mental retardation.  I thought I could handle anything but please, please, please not either of those.  I was terrified of having a child who was “locked in” their own head and unable to bond with me.  I was terrified of having a child who’s . . . → Read More: Once upon a time, I had these ideas.


Monkey has a new friend.  His name is Eggy.  He is blue and he’s named after the egg that the Penguins of Madagascar “egg-sit” in Paternal Egg-Stinct.

When you ask him what is in his egg Monkey responds, “Baby duck!”  He carries Eggy around the house with him and will occasionally stop to hug . . . → Read More: Eggy.

Follow-up visit.

This morning we had a follow-up visit with the developmental pediatrician who has prescribed Monkey’s medication. 

He looked at the weekly reports that the teacher has been filling out.  He was impressed with the depth of information that his teacher provides, she adds explanatory notes rather than just rating Monkey on a scale of . . . → Read More: Follow-up visit.

The mystery is solved.

He made some subtle changes in how he pronounced “pissbear” so it evolved to “sbrr.”  Really not much better but I guessed, in desperation, and I got it.

It’s “Ph*ineas and Ferb.”  He was thrilled when I said it and even more thrilled when I found the desired clips on YouTube.  I should be . . . → Read More: The mystery is solved.

The budget passed!

The new integrated kindergarten classroom will be established in September of this year!  Nothing is official until we have that IEP in hand with the placement but since the room was sort of designed for him, lol, and he’s been on the list since the fall of 2008…we’re feeling really good about where he’ll . . . → Read More: The budget passed!

Yet another episode of “What is he saying?”

Monkey has a new word or phrase that he is trying very hard to get me to understand.  When he’s on YouTube he will put the cursor in the text search box and ask me to search for…I kid you not… “pissbear.” 

He can’t show me a picture of it, I’ve asked.  When I . . . → Read More: Yet another episode of “What is he saying?”

I have created a monster.

Every day since we took our little turn about the city on the MBTA Monkey has asked, “Time?  Yes? My turn?  Green train?  Blue one?” and today he upped the ante with “Green line?” 

I guess we know what we can use for a reward if we need a reward chart in the future, lol.

Oh, lookee lookee!

I’ve mentioned this company, I See Me!, a of couple times (here and here.)  We love their books and they totally won some customer loyalty with the ABC book they made just for Monkey.  I just saw that they have some new ones.  Just in time for Monkey’s birthday, lol.  Yippee!

And, to be . . . → Read More: Oh, lookee lookee!

Busy, busy weekend.

This past weekend was easily the nicest weather we’ve had since last summer and we took full advantage of it!  We really needed all that sun to dry up the 12 inches rain that fell in March.  I thought we might start growing gills if it hadn’t let up!

Saturday was supposed to be . . . → Read More: Busy, busy weekend.