The 2012 International Fragile X Conference

I get a lot of people searching for this! If you haven’t found the information already, let me give you the deets1.

What: The 2012 International Fragile X Conference When: July 25 – 29, 2012 Where: Intercontinental Miami in, where else? Miami2

If you’re curious about what you can expect you can read these . . . → Read More: The 2012 International Fragile X Conference


Monkey’s fever has broken but that cough, ugh. Because of the medications he’s on he cannot take cough suppressants either. I just went into his room to set up the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer1 and his little face just lit up. I hope it lives up to his high expectations and he gets some rest . . . → Read More: *Cough*hack*Cough*

Not so sweet…

I came home this evening to a sick little Monkey. Poor kiddo asked to go to bed an hour early! That is never a good sign.

It’s not often I share pictures here because I want to try to protect Monkey’s online identity as much as possible. The last thing the kid needs is . . . → Read More: Not so sweet…

Sweeter than maple syrup.

What is sweeter than maple syrup? Getting to spend a day with my family, driving around southern Maine! Today was Maine Maple Syrup Sunday, one Sunday each year dozens of sugar shacks in Maine throw open their doors and welcome in the general public. They demonstrate how maple syrup is made, they often sell . . . → Read More: Sweeter than maple syrup.

This is sort of, in a very tiny way, FX related.

I’ve admitted to being a geek before. I like gadgets, not as much as my husband, but I like them. A lot.

Last fall I whined and moaned about giving up my Blackberry. I loved it and it was pretty1 and then…I got an iPhone. To say that I love my iPhone would be . . . → Read More: This is sort of, in a very tiny way, FX related.


Monkey LOVES to be tickled. He loves it so much that Duhdee has been known to tickle him a little too long and has had to¬†face the consequences1. Recently Duhdee was tickling Monkey, on our new big, big bed2, and mid-tickle Monkey cried out, “Stop!” He’s never, ever done that before! Duhdee stopped and . . . → Read More: Stop!

Sometimes I hate thinking up titles.

Monkey picked up a new word this weekend. Poor Duhdee was trying to get him dressed this AM and kept offering shirts only to be met with, “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.” Ha!

Also, this morning I had a chance to talk to Monkey’s teacher while we waited for Monkey to walk into class and . . . → Read More: Sometimes I hate thinking up titles.

Not quite rock stars…

Today was the day. Duhdee and I went to a nearby middle school to talk to a group of 8th graders. All of these kids had decided they wanted to learn more about people with disabilities, they wanted to learn how to be more open and inclusive. The fact that they wanted to be . . . → Read More: Not quite rock stars…

By Request

I like to give my readers what they’re looking for so I just sorted through the search terms people have used to get here…may I present, The Answers You Have Been Looking For…

















(Sunbeam . . . → Read More: By Request