A whine and a smile…

***Commence Whining**

Last night Duhdee and I had to finish all those forms you get at an evaluation for a child with special needs. You know the ones that are for ages 5-21, please circle O – Not able, N – Never, S – Sometimes, A – Always, or whatever.

Here is the whine . . . → Read More: A whine and a smile…

Well, this is new.

Duhdee, Monkey and I just finished an evaluation and I’m in a good mood. That never happens! Generally I leave the evaluations with a headache and a sick feeling in my stomach. I leave with all these reminders that our lives are not normal, we’re not even close but today…wow. I’d go back to . . . → Read More: Well, this is new.

Lack of words isn’t the problem.

I have so many thoughts that my noodle resembles a Gordian Knot. I’m trying to both keep a decent working relationship with Monkey’s school district and serve his best interests. I’m not sure it it possible to do both now.

Let me first acknowledge my role in this current situation. I antagonized the team . . . → Read More: Lack of words isn’t the problem.

What I really wanted to talk about.

I felt compelled to update on the IEP progress, I felt badly for leaving it hanging. We have family and friends who read here and rely on it to get all the details of our painstakingly slow progress but my heart isn’t in it right now…my heart is with a little girl (Fine she’s nearly…17? . . . → Read More: What I really wanted to talk about.

Our amazing IEP progres update!

I know I’ve been quiet, I haven’t even visited the blog myself since that last post. I told Duhdee that it just really sucks when all the things you want to say, shouldn’t be said.

But, here I am to give you the latest and greatest report on our latest IEP. The last day . . . → Read More: Our amazing IEP progres update!