Caleb often uses scripts from scenes in TV shows and movies that he loves to express the emotion he is feeling.  It’s actually the only reliable way we have for knowing how he is feeling on the inside. I find it pretty amazing when he can identify the emotion and find just the right . . . → Read More: Why? Why? WHYYYYYY?

Broken and stressed…

Eric isn’t going to be thrilled with this one.

Since Caleb was born we have been a united team. We don’t always see eye to eye but we’ve never strongly disagreed about how to respond to any situations concerning Caleb. Mostly he leaves it to me to research whatever issue we need to tackle . . . → Read More: Broken and stressed…

So you want to be on the local news?

Here, let me tell you how…

Have the world’s most perfect, adorable baby. Find out that the world’s most perfect, adorable baby has fragile X syndrome. Fall into a years long depression, battle incessantly with anxiety…bonus points for adding a BIG HEAPING DOSE of guilt to that load. Meet some amazing, inspirational people…decide to . . . → Read More: So you want to be on the local news?

Quick, do the math! <3

Eight years…how can it be only eight years that we’ve been married? I feel as though we have lived an entire lifetime, maybe two, together already. I remember when we first met and I said, “No, I’m not dating you. You are too young.” What I really meant, though, was “I’m . . . → Read More: Quick, do the math! <3

The consequences could be worse.

Do you ever have a moment when you get a little cocky as a parent? When you think you know your child so well that you know what they would do in any given circumstance? Put that way, anyone who says yes is nuts, in my opinion!

Alas, I fall victim to this from . . . → Read More: The consequences could be worse.