So about the sleeping.

He definitely is sleeping more but yesterday, out of curiosity, we checked his browsing history on my laptop.  We thought he’d gotten up just before 6:00 because that is when we heard him.  He got up a little bit earlier than 6 though.  Like 3:30 early!  No wonder he was so ridiculously cranky last night.

We’re now discussing door alarms and/or a motion sensor so we can catch the sneaky little bugger if he pulls that again.

Someone is sleeping.

I will not say anymore on that right now because it will surely jinx it!

In school related news, we are now ramping up on the IEP process for next year.  Monkey is due for his 3 year evaluations in March.  We’re going to write a letter to the school asking for that to be done in June instead when we are ready to do his annual review.  There are a few reasons why we need the delay, the biggest is money!

The school has none and will not be creating any new kindergarten classrooms next year, which was tossed around as the best placement for Monkey.   They were considering creating an integrated kindergarten.  That is off the table.  We are facing mainstream or substantially separate as our choices.

We have *some* but it’s going to medical expenses at the moment.  We need to save up a good chunk of change for the advocate and, possibly, special education attorney we are going to need to hire. 

WHY would we need an attorney?  Because if our choices are mainstream or substantially separate we’re going to do what it takes to get him in a mainstreamed kindergarten class WITH APPROPRIATE SUPPORTS (which has been in his IEP since he turned 3.)  For Monkey, the appropriate support is going to involve an aide to keep him on task.  The school says they don’t “do” aides.  The advocate says the school does whatever the child needs.

This is going to be a trip.

Poor Daddy gets no respect!

When I was pregnant everyone wanted to know if I wanted a boy or a girl.  Of course I said I would be happy either way but I was kinda, sorta, hoping for a little girl…mostly because I am a girl and I “get” girls…I had no idea what to do with a little boy.  Boys have always mystified me, I didn’t end up at a woman’s college accidentally!   Whenever I said this my dear friend Darline would tell me I most certainly wanted a little boy, that little boys love their mommas fiercely.  I was skeptical.

Well, color me a believer.  This little boy is the light of my life!  He doesn’t always save his best behavior for me but he always, always gives me my share of the love.  And sometimes more than my fair share!  To add to the Christmas conversation we now have this little exchange from this morning…

Monkey:  Umma!  Umma!  TEA!

Umma:  Is Daddy making me a tea?

Monkey:  Yes!

Umma:  Is Daddy the very best Daddy for making me a tea?

Monkey (quietly):  No.  Not!

Umma:  He’s not?   Was it your idea to make me a tea?

Monkey:  Yes!

Umma:  Are you the very best Monkey?

Monkey:  Yes!

Poor Daddy, it looks like he needs to step up his game 😉

Popcorn Vomit

Tell me I’m not crazy (well, I am, but that is another post ENTIRELY!)…it looks like vomit with colored chunks!  Doesn’t it?

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with something worthwhile.  Maybe.  We do have that rescheduled appointment with the developmental pediatrician in the morning.  Then we can, hopefully, leave the vomit behind us.

You have to comment on this one, c’mon you clicked a link, or even just read, a blog post entitled “Popcorn Vomit.”  I think that deserves a comment!

Did you know?

I am a big fan of random thoughts.  Anyone who has known me for any length of time can attest to the fact that my brain…it is not linear.  This is how I end up discussing cremation with my mother on Christmas day and laughing like a loon.  Mom, if you can hold out until I’m at least 80, I’ll do it topless.  *Ahem*   That should paint a great picture for you folks!  I’d like to say hi and wave to all the new folks who’ve stopped by recently.  What you’re looking for, though, is here.  Hopefully, no damage done.

So, where was I?  Right, “did you know” pops out of my mouth so frequently I should just tattoo it on my forehead.   No, not really!  If I ever get a tattoo it will be a celtic knot that matches my very favorite necklace…totally true.  But not on my forehead.

Good lord, I’ve done it again.  Did you know…here are ten (more) random thoughts for the day…

Did you know:

  1. that if I’m reading a book I really and truly love, right down to my toes, I will periodically set it down and not read it for days at a time?
  2. I’m not sure why I torture myself like that?
  3. that when I was little I used to make up stories about little fairies that lived in my Christmas tree?
  4. that those stories always somehow included this awful plastic popcorn ornament that I thought was vomit until I was in college?
  5. that I always made sure to hang that ornament on the Christmas tree each year so I could put it in the back?
  6. that as soon as I told my mom all of this, she gave me the dang ornament to put on my tree?
  7. that I hang that ornament on my tree every year and put it in the front even though I still think it looks like vomit?
  8. that I have no idea why I continue to torture myself over that ornament?
  9. that I’ve never, ever, ever been able to get this story my brother once told me about pizza, beer and vomit out of my head and it’s been nearly 10 years? (Actually, a lot longer than 10…did you know I’m awful at simple math yet took 2 extra years of math out of sheer stubborness?)
  10. that on my 21st birthday my other brother took me out for “my first drink” and I vomitted in his (then) wife’s shoe?
  11. that I had no intention, whatsoever, of discussing vomit on the blog today and that I have no idea why I can’t stop thinking about that stupid popcorn wreath ornament? 

Gosh, aren’t you so glad you stopped by today?

Monkey see, Monkey do.

So far, 2010 seems to be the year of mucus.  Monkey has conjunctivitis, Duhdee’s new bestest friend is the humidifier and my new best friends are my ice packs.  This morning I had to lay down with an ice pack for an hour or so and Monkey, very happily, joined me in the bed and requested his very own ice pack!

In between bouts of aches, pains and (I’m sorry) lots and lots of snot we’ve been slowly showing Monkey how to play various games on the Wii.  He is an amazing bowler, a decent pitcher, a half-hearted batter and…we’ll regret this soon, I’m sure…a pretty decent boxer.   He has beaten me at bowling more than once and I am way too competitive to throw a game…he whupped me fair and square.  I heard him knock out Duhdee earlier but I suspect Duhdee allowed that to happen.

Duhdee just took a garbage bag full of tissues out and Monkey is right now shaking out his very own garbage bag and yelling “cool!”

Nothing we do these days goes unobserved or un-imitated!  I need to figure out how to get this to work for me a bit better…maybe I should go demonstrate how to do laundry.   Nah.