We’re going back to Madison!

Wayyy back in 2008 ((Really?! Dayum! I’m glad I blog or I’d never remember anything!)) we were accepted into our first research study at the Waisman Center. We traveled in August 2009 for our first visit and we absolutely loved Madison! It is a great city and I would love to be going back in the summer. Alas, the 2nd visit is done as an 18 month follow-up visit so we’re going back to Madison in…February.

Yes, Madison, WI in February. Have I ever mentioned that I hate the cold and that I classify anything under 70 as cold?? Yeah. So…that’s less than ideal but…but…I don’t know. That rather sucks. Oh, I know! But Monkey will get to fly on a plane again and Monkey looooooved the plane trip. So, that will be cool. Yay! Found my silver lining, the world may resume spinning.

Cheeses priced. I am so distractible. I blame the caffeine. I also ♥ caffeine! Such a disfunctional relationship! Wee!

Anyway. I have forgotten my point. Oh, that’s right. I didn’t have one beyond what’s in the title. Sorry.

I feel bad. I’ve just wasted your time! Hmmm, I know! Check out the pictures from our last visit! I envision iceskating on the pool and, well…the bear will probably be hibernating but maybe the penguins will be out!? Sliding down the snow covered streets on their cute little bellies! I’m going to freeze. UGH!

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