About the webring.

I just want to apologize to those of you who signed up for the webring but did not get activated.  For some reason I’m not getting the notifications so I had no idea that people were waiting to be approved!  My technicial genius1 will get it operating properly.  I have approved everyone who was . . . → Read More: About the webring.

The best IEP meeting ever.

We just had the best IEP meeting ever.  Of course, given our history with these things, that’s probably not saying very much, lol.

The biggest issue about the meeting was the time.  Duhdee told me 2:30, it was actually scheduled for 1:15.  At 12:50 he called to explain the mix-up which left me NO . . . → Read More: The best IEP meeting ever.

IEP fun.

We have an IEP meeting scheduled for tomorrow.  It is his yearly evaluation.  We should discuss his progress this year and set new goals for the next year.  Simple, straightforward.  So why, why, why am I going to potentially open not one but TWO cans o’worms?

1.  Therapeutic Listening.  His OT and the TL . . . → Read More: IEP fun.

So, tell me…

if your adorable, almost 5-year-old, son was diligently picking up ALL of his toys and putting them away in hopes that you would just maybe let him vaccuum, would you be able to turn him down?  No, I didn’t think so.  Me either.

We’re going to Wisconsin.

I mentioned before that we’d been accepted into the language study at the Waisman Center and last week we recieved word that we’ll be traveling this summer for the first visit.  We need to figure out when Monkey’s summer break begins, he’s in an 11 month classroom so we don’t know exactly when his . . . → Read More: We’re going to Wisconsin.

Work gets in the way of a good time.

I’ve been quiet this week due to a major deal at work.  Twice in the last week I’ve worked past Monkey’s bedtime so I didn’t see very much of him…and it was April vacation. BOOOO!  Thursday night Monkey woke up in the middle of the night crying for me even.  He’s been really clingy . . . → Read More: Work gets in the way of a good time.

How much fun can one boy have?

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day in our household.  We did lots of Monkey’s favorite things!  We:

worked with tools in the basement; vacuumed the house; took showers; and, planted seeds in the garden.

Can you believe how exciting?  Monkey was absolutely thrilled, lol.  He’s such an easy kid to entertain.  Things today that . . . → Read More: How much fun can one boy have?

I just blew Monkey’s mind.

I have a cold, I feel absolutely miserable.  I took Claritan D to help me sleep but my body reacts so strangely to cold medicines that, although it did clear my nose (mostly), I’m jittery and have been up and down since 1:30 AM.  I can’t take Nyquil or any of the other standard . . . → Read More: I just blew Monkey’s mind.

We made it.

It is the weekend for me and the start of April vacation for Monkey…we both sorely need our respective breaks.  Even Duhdee is appearing to be a bit worn around the edges.  Stress seems to be piling up for everyone in our lives these days.

We did get some good news yesterday.  Duhdee asked . . . → Read More: We made it.