How long should it take?

We had our IEP meeting last Thursday, we still don’t have a copy of the IEP to sign.  I asked Monkey’s teacher this morning and she said she gave the team a Wednesday deadline to enter changes.  A week?  I wonder what they’re changing, we didn’t have many comments to their draft.  I like these . . . → Read More: How long should it take?

I smell like maple syrup.

I had so much maple syrup yesterday that I think I will be sweating maple syrup for the rest of the week!  We had…vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, maple whoopie pies, maple butter, more vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, maple peanuts…I passed on maple baked beans, maple cotton candy, maple doughnuts and pancakes . . . → Read More: I smell like maple syrup.

IEP update? Eh, ok.

Yeah, so we had Monkey’s annual IEP update meeting yesterday and the most exciting part of the whole meeting was…Monkey lost his 4th tooth mid-meeting! 

The rest of the topics were pretty unexciting.  We talked about what sort of evaluations the school would be requesting for the 3 year re-eval and we were fine . . . → Read More: IEP update? Eh, ok.

That little punk has been playing us.

“Oh, how exciting!  He can count to 30! ”

His teacher ratted him out this afternoon.  He can, and does, count to 100 at school.  The booger.

Oh, oh, oh!

and…we discovered this all on our own…he can count to 30.  He could probably go higher but he starts objecting around twelve  and by the time he gets to 30 he’s not a happy camper. 


We stop the torture about that point although I will admit that I am laughing . . . → Read More: Oh, oh, oh!

Yet another update on Monkey’s progress.

Monkey had 4 days of school last week.  The comments we received from the teacher were consistent throughout the week.  She said:

his speech is increased he is more attentive he is still as distractible he is still impulsive

So…we achieved the two main goals we had in starting the stimulant but didn’t address . . . → Read More: Yet another update on Monkey’s progress.

Show me?

So, the little darling has perfected “show me.”  It is very clear now, there is no doubt as to what he’s saying.  Just to be sure I’m  understanding him though, he’s started holding his hands out in front of himself, palms up, shoulders lifted as he says “Show me?”  Just like I do, lol.  . . . → Read More: Show me?


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It’s springtime!

Oh, how my heart just *sings* when we hit this time of year!  The robins are everywhere, my spring flowers are coming up, I start my garden preparation and we get to have IEP meetings!  I just love spring.

Next week we have Monkey’s annual review on Thursday.  We’ll only be discussing summer services and summer . . . → Read More: It’s springtime!